13th October 2022

8 Reasons To Insulate Your Home Before Winter

Keep #Cosy this Winter!

The warm weather is slowly grinding to a halt, which means there is no better time to start insulating your home. Spray foam insulation will keep your house warm in winter and allow it to hold the desired temperature in your home in the seasons thereafter.

A well-insulated house is very energy efficient and will need minimal additional heating and cooling.

This short article lists the main reasons you should upgrade your insulation before the Winter chill hits and explains how it helps.

How does insulation help in the Winter?

Our spray foam insulation is water blown and expands up to 100 times in size to create an airtight yet breathable solution.

The breathable qualities allow vapour to pass through it, eliminating issues with moisture and mould. However, the airtight qualities prevent hot air and heat from escaping, and this is what keeps your home warm in Winter.

Reasons To Insulate Your Home Before Winter

1. You’ll Save Money and Decrease Your Heating Bills

Spray foam insulation can cut these home heating bills by up to 50%.

That airtight barrier makes the insulation highly energy-efficient and this aids in minimising electricity bills. Consequently, you won’t feel the need to continually reach to turn the heating on, improving the efficiency of your home. Increasing your home’s heating system’s efficiency can help you save a significant amount of energy and therefore money each month.

The average UK householder is currently spending on average between 6-18% of their income on energy bills. These savings add up quickly, particularly as energy bills are rising, so installing spray foam insulation is the perfect way to minimise these bills over your lifetime

2. Your Space Will Lock In The Heat and Increase in Comfort

Spray foam insulation will allow your home to stay warm even on the coldest of Winter days. The insulation traps the heat and prevents that outdoor cold air from getting inside, making the Winter months more comfortable in your home. Adding insulation will also decrease the sound that travels from outside to inside, keeping your home quieter.

3. The Spray Foam Insulation Blocks Out Moisture and Mould

Spray foam insulation doesn’t just block out the chilly weather; it also helps keep moisture out of your home which typically increases in the cold and wet Winter weather. The threat of increased moisture poses a more serious threat than just discomfort - mould grows in these conditions and damages your health, furniture and property.

With spray home insulation, your home will be dry and temperature-controlled to keep you cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter, all whilst inhibiting mould growth.

4. Low - No Maintenance With A 25-Year Guarantee

Spray foam insulation’s long-lasting properties make it an increasingly popular choice worldwide. Homes and businesses can use it for an infinite amount of time. Unlike older forms of insulation that need regular maintenance, our spray foam insulation has a 25-year guarantee of superior efficiency.

The strong mould, bacteria and moisture resistance of spray foam insulation also reduces house maintenance expenses.

5. Prevents Pipe Disasters

Avoid the catastrophe and expense of frozen and burst pipes in colder weather with spray foam insulation.

Pipes in a freezing attic can become frozen, and this can lead to the pipes bursting and many thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Thankfully, insulation in the right places prevents this. As well as insulation on your tanks and pipes, you should ensure that your loft is well insulated

6. Reduces your Carbon Footprint

Our spray foam is a sustainable water-blown solution with zero CFCs and no nasty chemicals.

Additionally, you’ll use less energy to heat your home in Winter, reducing your carbon footprint and energy expenditure further. All energy saved battles global warming and helps prevent climate change and global warming-related catastrophes.

7. Your Home Will Have Improved Air Quality

Exposure to dampness, mould and mildew can hugely affect lung function, and allergies and cause further damage to those with respiratory illnesses or conditions. This is dangerous, particularly in Winter flu season.

Insulation controls temperatures, moisture levels and airflow in your home, to prevent these various health hazards and maintain a cleaner, healthier living environment for you and your family.

8. Book Now To Avoid Hosting Amidst Home Improvements

Although it is marvellous to have family and friends over during the holidays, especially after the past couple of years, it would not be ideal to host while your home is in the middle of improvement projects.

Get your home insulated before the guests arrive to give your guests extra comfort and give yourself peace of mind.

Keep out that nasty cold weather!

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