20th July 2022

Insulation for the Agriculture & Farming Industry

If you own an outdoor building such as a barn, shed or storage facility, insulation is vital to ensure temperature control. When an agricultural building is well protected from seasonal temperature fluctuation, the internal environment can help to improve the lifespan of your assets and the quality of your crop.

Different Types of Agricultural Building Insulation

Silo Insulation

Silo Insulation
The latest trend we are noticing is old, disused silos are being converted to offices or Airbnbs for guests! Insulation is crucial for the space to become fit for purpose, as well as improve comfort and warmth. The circular angles make spray foam the most efficient way of fully insulating the building with maximum coverage.

Chicken Shed Insulation

Chicken Shed Insulation
Insulated poultry outbuildings reap financial benefits, such as reduced heating bills and lower feed costs. Cold birds eat more – leading to higher feed costs and potential overfeeding.

Insulation in poultry sheds is essential in summer and winter to maintain a comfortable temperature. A well-insulated shed will reduce heat loss and encourage even flock spread and prevent draughts, which could cause the birds to gather in warmer spots.

Farm Building

Agricultural Barns or Storage Facility
Prevent heat loss and condensation on larger buildings to protect crops and machinery.

Benefits of Spray Foam Agricultural Insulation

1. Excellent Thermal Properties

Save money on your energy bills and reduce heat loss simultaneously. Agricultural buildings will thermoregulate to become cooler in the warmer months and retain the heat during winter. This in turn protects and improves livestock health and farm profitability.

2. Condensation Control

Farm machinery will be safeguarded from condensation when it is stored in an insulated outbuilding. Mould and mildew can cause serious damage and rot farming equipment.

3. Rapid Installation With No Mess

To ensure minimal disruption to your farm, our specialists will complete your installation in 1 to 2 days with no mess left behind.

4. Livestock and Crop Health

Insulation controls temperatures, moisture levels and airflow, to prevent various health hazards and maintain a healthier living environment for your livestock and crops.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Reduced heat loss and increased energy efficiency reduces the carbon footprint of your farm which is so important to protect our environment.

6. Excellent Adhesion to a Range of Surfaces and Angles

Spray foam insulation is the superior way to insulate farm buildings because it is ideal for getting into those hard-to-reach spaces and can be sprayed on most materials.

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