23rd January 2020

Spray foam insulation - how much does it cost?

If you are looking for a quick answer online unfortunately it’s one of those how long is a piece of string type of questions.

How much does a new house cost? It depends on the house. How much does a car cost? Well, it depends on the car. How much does a spray foam insulation job cost? That too depends on the job.

Often people ask us for an approximate cost for example a 3 bedroom home, however that doesn’t really give us an idea of the condition or size of the roof. Some homes will have box rooms that fit a single bed and not much more, others massive rooms with en-suites and walk in wardrobes. It wouldn’t be fair for us to guess and give you information that’s nowhere near accurate.

What do we base our pricing on?

  1. The Foam - There are many different products we can use on your roof and they all come with their own price tag. We have open cell and three different types of closed cell. The spray foam we use will depend on the type of roof, age of the roof and space available in the roof space.
  2. Depth of insulation required - Some rafters are 100m, others are 200mm. Some projects require us to work to different uvalues which determine the depth of insulation required.
  3. The size of the job - Like many industries we can offer a lower rate for those “buying in bulk”. We can’t give a price per square meter as it varies depending on the scale of the job.
  4. Location - We cover both the North and South of Ireland so work across both currencies. Exchange rates may affect the price we can offer, and we may need to factor fuel costs into the job for those who are further away from our base.
  5. Ease/accessibility - Some spaces are easier to access and work on than others. Some are more complex. A “smaller” job can often take more time to complete if it's harder for our team to reach.

We aren’t trying to be secretive about what we charge, but as you can see each quote is individual and based on multiple factors. We tailor our price to the job to give our customers a fair price, ensuring no customer pays any more or less than they need to.

The only way to get a quote is to fill out quote form and arrange an appointment with a surveyor. Quotes are free, no obligation and last around just 30 minutes. Our surveyor will check the roof to make sure the foam can be used, take measurements and explain the process so you have all the information you need from us to make a decision when you are ready.

Get a quote now.