19th December 2019

Where Can CosyInsulation be Used?

At CosyInsulation our trained specialists install Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation to insulate a wide variety of properties around the country, we’ve worked on everything from new build homes to sheds & barn conversions.

New Builds

Lapolla spray foam insulation is the premier choice of insulation for builders and housing developers. Offering air tightness, thermal qualities to match any other insulation in today’s market, noise reduction and maximising energy efficiency. Our product is BBA approved and covered by a lifetime warranty.

Recently we completed work for Kelly Brother’s on 6 new build homes in Portadown & also a modern self-build in Donegal – pictures above.

Existing Homes

Older properties are typically less energy efficient than new builds and can be expensive to heat. If your home has a low energy rating CosyInsulation could improve your energy rating by up to 3 grades and reduce heating costs by up to 50% per year. Our Spray Foam insulation may also help with reducing damp and condensation, and with sound proofing.

Business premises/offices

Investing in spray foam insulation will also reduce your business overheads and keep your team cosy throughout the year.

Commercial or Agricultural Shed

Spray foam insulation can be sprayed in all shapes and spaces including outhouses and agricultural sheds. This will help reduce condensation. Regardless of what type of farm or outbuilding you own our system will improve the thermal efficiency within.

This agricultural building was completed earlier this year for a client in Annacloy.

Storage Warehouse

Similarly, storage warehouses can suffer from issues such as condensation, which can often destroy the contents being stored. Spray foam insulation is impermeable to water. This means that not only will spray foam thoroughly seal and protect your warehouse, but if flooding should occur in the area, spray foam insulation will not absorb the water like other materials will.

Renovations of older properties

Older properties are renowned for their character and charm, but also for being harder to maintain and heat. Spray foam insulation can be applied inside of old stone walls, allowing you to insulate the property without compromising the beauty of the original building.

Timber frame homes

Modern timber built homes can make extremely energy efficient homes. Spray foam insulation can be sprayed into the entire frame, both the walls and roof, allowing for an insulated airtight structure.

Garage Conversion

More and more people are converting their garages into sunrooms, home offices, guest suites or simply an additional room in their home. Spray foam insulation is a great way to start your transform and start making the most out of this additional space.

Holiday home or rental property

Spray Foam insulation will help keep tenants happy with lower heating bills and guests will get a good night’s seat with improved sound proofing and warmth. Plus keep your property in good nick by reducing issues like condensation.

Shipping Container

Want to transform a shipping container into an office or living space? Spray foam insulation is great because it can fit in all the awkward spaces to stop the cold air getting in and as it’s breathable you don’t have to worry about condensation.

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