16th June 2022

Why is Insulation Important During the Summer Months?

Contrary to popular opinion, insulation is just as important and effective in Summer as it is in Winter. Insulation in the Summer can block out heat and trap the cool air inside, making the Summer months more comfortable in your home.

This short article lists the main reasons you should upgrade your insulation before the summer heat hits and explains how it helps.

How does insulation help in the Summer?

Our spray foam insulation is water blown and expands up to 100 times in size to create an airtight yet breathable solution. This works effectively in the summer as. The breathable qualities allow vapour to pass through it, eliminating issues regarding moisture and mould.

1. Keeps Your Space Cool

Contrary to popular opinion, insulation is just as important and effective in summer as it is in winter. Spray foam insulation is a reflector of heat. So if the heat is coming from the outside, the insulation prevents the warm air from getting in.

Insulation in the summer blocks out heat and trap the cool air inside, making the summer months more comfortable in your home.

2. Blocking Out Moisture and Mould

Spray foam insulation doesn’t just block out heat; it also helps keep moisture out of your home. If you dislike the excess humidity in Summertime, installing insulation that will act as an effective moisture barrier should be a top priority. However, warmer temperatures and humidity pose a more serious threat than just discomfort - mould grows in these conditions and damages your health, furniture and property.

With spray home insulation, your home will be dry and temperature-controlled to keep you cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter, all whilst inhibiting mould growth. This makes any room fit for purpose, safe and comfortable.

3. Saves Money

On the days here when it is scorching weather outdoors, our insulation will trap the cool air inside your home, preventing the need for fans or air conditioning to be on all day and therefore reducing your energy bills.

4. Reduces your Carbon Footprint

With spray foam insulation, you use less energy to cool your home in summer, reducing your carbon footprint and energy expenditure. All energy saved battles global warming and helps prevent climate change and global warming-related catastrophes.

5. Better For Your Health

Exposure to damp, mould and mildew can hugely affect lung function, allergies and cause further damage to those with respiratory illnesses or conditions. Insulation controls temperatures, moisture levels and airflow in your home, to prevent these various health hazards and maintain a healthier living environment for you and your family.

Insulation in Summertime

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