Get up to €1,500 towards spray foam insulation with a SEAI grant

SEAI Insulation Grant

SEAI insulation grants help homeowners improve their home's energy efficiency. Insulation is a key step in making your home more comfortable and energy efficient and these grants will help you to reduce heat loss and your heating bills.

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We can supply your home with Loft/ Attic insulation installation using our industry leading spray foam insulation. Get a quote

Grant Value

The grant values depend on the area of insulation and house type, but SEAI have provided a guide:

Apartment (any)


Semi-detached or end of terrace

Detached house





Who can apply?

The scheme is available to you if:

  • You live in the Republic of Ireland

  • All homeowners, including landlords, whose homes were built and occupied before 2011 can apply. This is defined as the date your electricity meter was installed.

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Using your SEAI grant with Cosy Insulation

You can select Cosy Insulation as your loft or attic insulation supplier. Simply apply for the grant from SEAI and use our contract number 17337.

Why Cosy Insulation?

As the leading spray foam insulation specialists in Ireland, you can be sure you’re in safe hands by joining 1,000's of customers who have experienced CosyInsulation’s expert team and quality solution that comes with a lifetime guarantee to start saving on your heating costs.

  • Trained experts with many years of experience

  • Thousands of happy customers

  • Excellent track record

  • Lifetime Guarantee

  • Quick installation times

  • Minimal disruption to your home

  • No mess Get a FREE Quote

Benefits of Insulation

  • Cuts Heating Costs
  • Improved Energy Efficiency of your home
  • Prevent Damp
  • Noise Reduction
  • Eco Friendly
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Healthier and Cosier Home

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